How To Make A Magical Website?

You know that previously there was a competition between Facebook and MySpace, but now Facebook is much ahead than MySpace and you can find now that MySpace contains Facebook connectivity button, but question is that how did it happen? And the answer is Facebook has magical website with professional web design look than MySpace. So, how can you give a magician touch to your website and defeat your competitors?

Followings are the answer of above question:

• Great And Quality Content: Whatever content you put in your website it should attract your visitors because they are your first precedence and you are making website for them. So not only do you want to create truly valuable content but you also want to advertise to the exact people who can use the services which you provide.

• Usability Of Website: Objects made by human on the website should be accessible easily and people should get the positive experience.

• Feedback Of User: It is one of the important factor of magical website. There are many resources by which you can collect the user’s feedback e.g. Google analytics.

• Proper Visualization Of Website:  Clear and proper display of website must needed thing. If users are not able to see your website then you should forget about the top position.

Facebook beat MySpace because of usability and Great Content. They made it much easier for people to share their information with others.


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